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Premium Partner Programme

At Brooks & Toone, we recognise that many clients need an “out-of-house” translation team that they can rely on to deliver quality translations on a regular basis. This is exactly why we have set up the Premium Partner Programme to reward these very customers.

Clients looking to place frequent and/or major orders are actively encouraged to join the Premium Partner Programme, as this offers a fantastic range of benefits. The programme has a discount structure in place that is proportionate to a Premium Partner’s order volume – the more you order, the less you pay (see table below). To stop clients being inundated with invoices for every single translation, we will instead send you one simple monthly bill for all services rendered. Premium Partners will also enjoy priority status.

Interested? Contact us today to find out how you can become a Premium Partner and receive great discounts on translations.

Discount structure

Monthly amount (st. lines) Discount
500-750 5%
751-1000 10%
1001+ 15%

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