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About Us

Brooks & Toone is a Cologne-based team of English native speakers who have years of experience providing high-quality translations that you can rely on. Putting a face to translation is something we value highly, so you can rest assured that your texts are in safe hands.

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Thomas Brooks B.A.(Hons)

Co-founder and translator

Born in Manchester, England, Thomas studied German and French at Durham University, a world top 100 university. Upon finishing his degree with an emphasis on translation, he moved to Cologne, working as a translator for a successful media company. The years of translation experience that Thomas has amassed in Germany have served as a platform to fine-tune his linguistic talent and enhance his expertise across a broad range of industries.

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Daniel Toone B.A.(Hons)

Co-founder and translator

Born in Leicester, England, Daniel studied German, French and Italian at the renowned Durham University, with a focus on translation. After successfully completing his studies, Daniel became a translator at a Cologne-based media firm. During this time, he further refined his skills and became an expert in a multitude of business fields.

Having studied and worked together for a number of years and armed with a passion for translation, founding a company was the next logical step. With some firms in the industry settling for substandard translations, we wanted to form a company that consistently delivers the quality that every translation deserves.

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